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Smarter Balanced Assessment

Summative Blueprints

Claims, Targets, and Standard Alignment for ELA / Literacy

Claims, Targets, and Standard Alignment for Math

Sample Questions

Smarter Balanced Scoring Guides w/ Sample Questions - Mathematics

Smarter Balanced Scoring Guides w/ Sample Questions - English Language Arts


Question Bank

Questions filtered by grade, subject, and claim.


ELA & Math Sample Questions (Gr3 - High School)

These sample questions illustrate the rigor and complexity of the English language arts and math items and performance tasks that students will encounter on Smarter Balanced assessments.

Mathematics IAB (Interim Assessment Block)

Math IAB Information

Math IAB Blueprint

Math IAB Practice Tests and Resources (CAASPP)


LAUSD Mandated Assessments

First Semester:

  • Gr 3: Operations & Algebraic Thinking
  • Gr 4 & 5: Number Operations Base Ten
  • Gr 6: Ratios & Proportions

Second Semester:

ELA/Literacy IAB (Interim Assessment Block)

First Semester:

  • Gr 3-5: Editing (computer scored)
  • Gr 6: Performance Task (hand scoring)

Second Semester:

Technology Skills